Key topics:   ?The sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee ?China's Changemakers

China aims high in informatization, industrialization integration in 2021-2025

China will take firm measures to push forward the deeper integration of informatization and industrialization in the next five years.

Chinese, European Mars probes complete in-orbit relay communication test

China's Mars probe Tianwen-1 and the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft have successfully performed an in-orbit relay communication test.

Forum held on building global community with shared future

An international forum was held on Nov. 30 to discuss the concept of building a global community with a shared future. Participants explored new theoretical paradigms underpinning international relations and international communication through the exchange and cooperation of global think tanks.

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It is wrong to weaponize the Olympics

The bid to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics by some Western politicians is destroying the unity and harmony of all humanity, as well as the instruments of peace, cooperation, and well-being expressed at the Olympics.


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