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Opening ceremony rehearsal conducted ahead of Beijing 2022

?The Beijing 2022 opening ceremony rehearsal was conducted at the National Stadium, or the "Bird Nest," on Saturday night. About 4,000 participants were involved in the all-factor rehearsal, preparing for the opening ceremony to be held on February 4.

Over 200M Chinese seniors fully vaccinated against COVID-19

?As of Friday, over 200 million senior citizens in China have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, a health official said on Saturday.

Animation promotes TCM during Beijing 2022

A Chinese medical association released a TCM-themed cartoon figure together with an animated short days before the opening of the Beijing 2022 in a bid to promote the country's TCM legacy and culture.

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RCEP to help build economic resilience

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership looks to bolster the economic might of the Asia-Pacific region and promote global recovery on the whole.


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